Debbie’s Experience

Before going to IMS, I was feeling exhausted and barely able to get through the day. Normal activities like grocery shopping and cleaning house were practically impossible. Struggling to get through the day at work. I still have trouble sleeping but it has gotten better. I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. Especially after seeing so many physicians that only wanted to give me pain medication that made it impossible for me to function at work much less at home. I was depressed, constantly in a fog and all I wanted to do was sleep which I could not do because of the pain. Since going to IMS, the pain has lessened, I have more energy and my family has even commented on my moods and the fact that I am able to be more active. While this is a work in progress, and not all systems have completely subsided, I am so much better. The Employees at IMS are awesome and really do care for their patients. Dr. Miceli found that I had a parasite in my liver and this was causing a lot of my IBS issues. Before, I could not stray far from the bathroom for fear of an attack which is no longer the situation. Also, Dr. Kenyon discovered that I have Lyme disease which is currently being treated. I am starting to see a huge difference. Heather has been awesome and is currently giving me trigger point injections to help with the pain. The employees are awesome and I laugh with them a lot,, especially Devlin and Dr. Kenyon they can always make me laugh. I am about to try the QNRT as I have spoken with Dr. Miceli and another patient , Amy and am looking forward to doing this to discover some underlying issues for some of my issues. If you are reading this or have seen some of Dr. Miceli’s videos and think maybe I should try this, do not hesitate I have also had an added bonus of losing 20 pounds during treatment. I was concerned about the investment of time and expense and hesitant, but if you listen to them, follow their guidance you will feel better and the investment is worth it. Please get off that couch and call them. You will not be sorry! Very pleased patient..

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