Here’s what Monica had to say about IMS.

I’m so grateful to IMS for discovering the reason for my inability to lose all the excess weight! I’m convinced that the weight loss (40 lb. initially) saved me from diabetes. Identifying my food sensitivities and adjusting my diet accordingly, within a week, my arthritis in my hips became a non-issue! My energy levels increased,… Continue reading Here’s what Monica had to say about IMS.

Meet Dr. Hal!

Learn a little bit more about our newest member of the IMS Staff, Dr. Hal!   I was raised in middle TN and graduated from MTSU and have called Middle TN my home. Health and fitness is very important to me and I want to convey the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to my… Continue reading Meet Dr. Hal!

Chris’ Journey

I’ve spent the last several years feeling tired, depressed, irritable and having digestive problems. and weight gain–did i mention the weight gain? All of this really manifested itself late 2014 early 2015. My thyroid doctor said: “ See you in a year…” even though i was freaking horrible. Then I came to IMS and can… Continue reading Chris’ Journey

Meet Devlin!

  Hello my name is Devlin and when I am not here at work  I am spending time with my beautiful kids. I also am a sports fanatic. Football is life to me as entertainment. I like exploring and traveling. My hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio. I am getting married in October 2016. I love meeting… Continue reading Meet Devlin!

Sharon’s Journey

When I came into the office I was tired, exhausted to be exact. I felt like the walking dead. No energy, my marriage was suffering, my job, my whole life. I had seen so many Dr’s and even I started to think I was a hypochondriac! Nothing was helping. I was getting so depressed, I… Continue reading Sharon’s Journey

Debbie’s Experience

Before IMS I was experiencing fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, migraines. I was unable to get to sleep and stay asleep. Before coming to IMS I was unable to concentrate,have energy to get everyday things done or exercise and was unable to get a good night’s rest. Since starting care I have noticed I have more… Continue reading Debbie’s Experience